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Find Your Fire empowers you to recognise and claim your capacity to lead.

Designed to help you discover, deepen, and reflect on your natural leadership style,
Find Your Fire is a sophisticated, experiential leadership immersive.

Our methodology is rooted in research and is intended to help you uncover and dismantle your perceived limits so you can recognise and claim the unique alchemy of your leadership.

We want you to deeply know yourself – your shadow and light – so you can lead with intention, aligned to your values and strengths.

This is an unequalled personal growth experience with a lasting impact
for you, and your work in the world.

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina,
there is a place where time slows down and horses whisper.

This is sacred and spacious land – 140 acres just for you – where you can
think wider, feel deeper and be braver.

Over four days in wild and untamed nature, you will be supported
to reclaim the parts of yourself that slip away in the day to day.

You will be cradled by the mountains, held in the circle,
and artfully guided to step into your leadership.

It is worth the investment, even if takes the entire year’s self-development budget. It is that good.

I was able to process several limiting mindsets and shift my view about what I have experienced over the last few years. The Find Your Fire experience combines the experiential, via coaching with horses and interaction in the beautiful setting, with the cognitive background of educated and experienced coaches, and rounds it out with the woo, via numerous rituals to transition through the different phases of finding your own fire. I left with the confidence to change how I showed up in the world.

Jennifer Armstrong

If you are hesitant about attending, let me just say that the mountains are waiting for you. Blue Star Ranch is the best, most magical place for this work of Finding Your Fire and moving forward in your work.

Jac, Sas, and Trish provide a perfect blend of the sacred and the practical, weaving both into the process of self-reflection and reclamation. It’s just beautiful. If you have a chance to work with any of them individually, take it. And if you’re considering attending the retreat with all three, get your ass to North Carolina!

Hannah Pasquinzo

Before I arrived, I was feeling totally stuck and trapped in my work. I knew I wanted to change and make some brave choices but I was entrenched in fear and conditioned thinking. This experience helped me to literally look my fear in the eye. Now I feel clear, liberated, and uplifted by the changes I am making and the opportunities that lie ahead for me in the work that I do.

The environment and beauty of Blue Star Ranch alone is enough to just get on a plane and go, but you will not find a more powerful leadership experience to immerse yourself in.

Tamsyn Hawkins

Find Your Fire blends the purpose of a cutting-edge development programme, with the visceral transformation of horse coaching,
and the grandeur of a world-class ranch facility.


You will be led through a rich, purposeful and pragmatic framework. Thoughtfully created to take you deep into your resistance, show you the truth of your power and invite you to claim it.

Ritual and ceremony are woven through, to deepen and solidify your learning.


Coaching with horses is a unique and magical experience that will give you a real, in-the-moment understanding of how you communicate, relate, feel, and use your personal power.

Led by Dr Trish Ring and her team of horses, you will experience both individual and group coaching.


This gathering offers you a chance to connect at eye level with people from different backgrounds and with different points of view.

We create a safe and brave space for you to be truly seen, to be vulnerable, messy, imperfect and uncertain. All of you is welcome.

Find Your Fire is for you if…

You are stepping into a more visible leadership role, you may be feeling a sense of exposure, fear of potential judgement, of being misunderstood or “found out”. At Find Your Fire, you will gain a solid understanding of the nature of your resistance in order to access and build wholehearted resilience.

You are finding that running your own business is bringing up all of your ‘stuff’: the courage and vulnerability required of you to consistently show up for your clients fully aligned to your values leaves you feeling exhausted, lonely, or maybe questioning if you have the chutzpah to stay the course. At Find Your Fire, you’ll find a safe space where you can redefine and reclaim the significance of your work and how you want to lead your business.

You are in a significant leadership role; you have achieved important goals and a level of mastery. But you are anticipating a change. You might be longing for a new direction, a shift in industry or a role that truly reflects your values and current priorities. Come to Find Your Fire to uncover what your next role looks like, why it matters to you and what your next steps are.

You are an activist working to effect change on the front lines of social justice, environmental or political movements. Changing systems is ripe for burn-out, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma; your sense of your own identity may be lost in your mission, who you are and what you need to thrive may not be high on your priority list. At Find Your Fire, you’ll be held, seen and supported to cultivate your self-leadership. You can lay your battle armour down for a few days and experience some serenity. You’ll return refreshed and ready.

You are finding the process of setting and honouring healthy boundaries, the most challenging aspect of leadership. Acknowledging and meeting your own needs and priorities can feel hard, when you are trying to keep everybody else happy. At Find Your Fire you will have a visceral experience of what it feels like to lead with clear boundaries, you’ll have the language and the resolve to honour what you need.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion.

We believe strength, creativity and power
comes from different perspectives, backgrounds and cultures.

We open-heartedly invite diversity in attendees, including ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, size, religion, and physical ability.

We have created a programme that honours both extroversion and introversion,
visual and kinesthetic learners, those who appreciate group feedback and those who prefer to reflect on their own.

You’ll be leaving Find Your Fire with:

Deepened knowledge of your personal preferences for how you receive and process information, how you make decisions, what’s sustainable for you (in terms of energy and creativity), and your unique vantage point on your work.

An understanding of the archetypal qualities of your work; you’ll know what aspects of your leadership are most impactful and what your people (your clients, team members, organisation and business partners) value most from you.

Clarity around where you are already honouring and leveraging your leadership strengths that come naturally, and a clear-eyed plan of intentional next steps for your return home.

A research-based framework for uncovering and acknowledging your ‘Hidden Commitments’ (the logical reasons that explain why you get in your own way), and the self-compassion to move through your resistance.

The vision and purpose for what you are ready to claim as a leader: what you stand for, who you serve, how you show up and what you are here to do. You’ll unearth the intrinsic motivators that energise you, and give meaning to your work.

A visceral experience of your own powerful energy, integrated through the wisdom of the horses, the alchemy of ceremony, and the feeling of belonging from being held in a safe circle of your peers.

The Find Your Fire Leadership Immersive elevates your capacity to lead through a greater awareness of your unique strengths, values, experiences and personal power.

Your retreat leaders are Sas Petherick, Jac McNeil & Trish Ring

The common thread of our work is helping our clients find their self-belief and create a life that fuels them. We have held leadership positions within academia, the corporate world and our own businesses and we are excited to share our methodology with you.


Sas Petherick is unconditionally committed to your self-belief. She is a Coach for Thinking Humans and Mentor for Thoughtful Coaches and deftly guides her clients out of the mire of self-doubt.

With a Master’s degree in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University, and as a Certified Dr Martha Beck Coach, Sas’ approach is heartfelt and effective, deeply intuitive and immediately applicable to your life.


Jac McNeil offers a highly specialized and seamless blend of coaching and thought-partnership for women leaders & entrepreneurs. For over a decade, she’s worked with women leaders, business mavens and solopreneurs, helping them show up in their work with more authenticity, confidence, intention and power.

With a potent collection of tools, techniques and talent, Jac’s work has helped hundreds of women build thriving, integrity-based businesses. She’s also the Founder & Owner of BOSS of ME TEES an online apparel company for women.

www.jacmcneil.com & www.bossofmetees.com


Dr. Trish Ring traded in her therapy practice for an executive coaching practice – with horses! She’s from Memphis, and she’s a 5th generation Texan and owner of Blue Star Ranch in North Carolina. She knows first-hand the cultural constraints on women’s power in the work place, in social settings, and at home.

Trish is a former professor at Rhodes College where she taught Psychology of Women, and she’s been a solo entrepreneur in private practice for over 25 years.


You are officially invited!


We want to make this as easy as possible for you. To ensure everyone experiences personalised time and attention, places are limited to 12 attendees.

The Dates ~ Monday 25th – Thursday 28th September 2017

The Venue ~ Blue Star Ranch, Cashiers, North Carolina

The Price ~ $US 2,900 – $US 3,500
(early-bird price available until 1st March 2017
and monthly payment plans are available).

There are currently 12 10 places available.


Secure your spot with a non-refundable deposit of $500.

A partial scholarship is available: we offer a heartfelt invitation
to anyone working in the not-for-profit sector, social justice or activism work.

Please click here to apply.

The price includes the four-day Find Your Fire Leadership Intensive, breakfast, lunch & snacks each day, a catered supper on day three and all workshop materials.

Please note: your airfare, transportation to the ranch, your accommodation, and three evening meals are NOT included.

Once you have paid your deposit, we’ll send you a welcome email with all the details. You’ll be able to choose your payment instalments and let us know of any dietary needs.

I have tremendous gratitude — for the opportunity, for the time, and for the great people we were fortunate to be with. These are dedicated, focused coaches who are 100% present. They ask really good questions and didn’t let me slither away with a pat answer. I am now moving forward in big ways with my own business. I know that months from now, I will still be seeing the impact of this experience play out in my life and work.

Martha Simpkins Davis

Jac, Sas and Trish bring their unique gifts to this retreat, but they are all smart as hell, funny, bold and intuitive and delightfully bullshit free. They worked seamlessly to guide us and all of that work and play was anchored, not just in my mind, but in my body and my being, with ritual and truly experiential learning which created lasting touchstones. I came home shifted, willing to risk discomfort and more fully claim my art, my voice, my roar.

Cameron Hill

This won’t be for everyone, here’s what we want you to know…

We want you to make a thoughtful and discerning choice in your own development and we want you to come because you know this is the right experience for you.

If reading this invitation feels to you like a YES! then nothing would make us happier than to welcome you to Find Your Fire. However, if you feel any twinge of resentment, a fear of missing out, a sense of scarcity, or that any hesitation you have is just an excuse to ‘play small’ in your life, we invite you to free yourself of this belief.

If you want to talk through any questions or concerns – please take this open invitation to have a call with Sas or Jac.

Questions you might have…

What will each day of the programme be like?

We’ll begin each morning at 8:30 for breakfast in the barn, before a morning workshop with Sas & Jac. There will be a catered lunch together on the lawn. In the afternoon Trish will lead equine coaching experiences to ground the morning’s learning. There will be plenty of space each for relaxation and exploration and our days will complete before 4:30.

On our second day, we’ll spend the evening with a catered supper, complete with fire ceremony. Our final day will close with a completion circle at 2pm, in time for you to make evening flights.

What happens after I pay my deposit - can I pay in installments?

Yes, absolutely! After you secure your spot, we will be in touch to arrange for the remaining fees. You can choose to pay in monthly instalments to suit. Please note: all retreat fees must be paid in full by 1st of August 2017.

What happens if I can’t come or change my mind?

Please note your spot in the retreat is transferable but not refundable. This means that you can gift or sell your spot to someone else.

The retreat doesn't include accommodation, so where shall I stay?

Participants will spend the day at Blue Star Ranch and retreat to lodging off property each evening. There are several wonderful hotels and resorts in the nearby Highlands or Cashiers area; most are less than 10 minutes away from the Ranch. Click here for more information on lodging.

What airport should I arrive at?

The closest airports to Blue Star Ranch are Asheville Regional Airport, Atlanta International Airport, and Greenville Spartanburg International Airport. Click here to learn more.

I have a food allergy. Will you accommodate these requests?

We will do our best to accommodate your food allergies. After you’ve registered, we’ll be in contact to find out if you have any special requirements. You will also have the option to bring your own snacks and access to a small refrigerator and microwave.

I'm still sitting on the fence. How will I know if this is the right investment for me?

If you’ve read through the information and you still have questions or doubts, please reach out. We’re so happy to clarify any questions you have and support you to make the right decision – and it may not be the right time, or the right experience for you. Email Jac or Sas anytime.