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It’s time to stoke your business embers.

As a coach, you spark your clients into living big, bold, and beautiful lives.
You see the potential and the light in everyone you coach.

You are the safe container for your clients, the voice of your business, the creator of your content and the maker-of-a-thousand-decisions before breakfast.

When so much goes into the doing of your work, your being can start to burn out.

While you’re busy tending to your business, we’d love to tend to you.

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina there’s a place where time slows down, horses whisper, trees tell stories and alchemy happens.

This is sacred spacious land – 140 acres just for you – where you can think wider and deeper about your work in the world.

Where you will be supported to release what is no longer serving you and to claim what your soul is longing to bring forth.

This is more than just an escape: it’s a transformative experience that will help you to amplify your coaching.



Experiential workshops

Sas and Jac will lead you through a rich and compelling, purposeful and energizing programme. Thoughtfully designed to take you deep into your resistance, show you the truth of your own power and invite you to claim it. With ritual and ceremony woven in at specific points – there will be magic!


Life-changing horse power

Working with horses is a unique and magical experience that will give you a real, in-the-moment understanding of how you communicate, relate, feel, and use your personal power. Led by Trish and her team of horses, you will experience both individual and group equine coaching.


An entire group holding you and your success!

Working for yourself can be a lonely freakin’ business. This gathering offers you a chance to connect with your peers – to be truly seen, to be vulnerable, messy, imperfect and uncertain. All of you is welcome. These connections will continue to hold you up long after you get home.


Wednesday: a morning group workshop, and 1:1 equus coaching. While your Being is shifting and changing, you will also be supported to manifest this into some purposeful Doing – whether it’s to refresh an existing offering or to create something brand spanking new.

On Thursday, we’ll be exploring what it means to be a leader in service to others. After a morning workshop you’ll participate in a powerful group herding experience with the horses. There will be revelations about how you lead and what is being asked of you.

After sharing lunch, we’ll close our circle in a beautiful completion ritual.

On Monday morning we’ll welcome you to the Ranch. We’ll mingle with coffee and muffins before setting our intentions and opening the retreat. There will be a morning and afternoon workshop and a group session with the horses.

Tuesday: a morning and afternoon workshop, and 1:1 equus coaching. There will be time to reflect and connect. There will be space for relaxation and exploration.

We’ll spend the evening dining on the mountain with a fire ceremony.


The Find Your Fire Retreat is for you if:

  • You are so busy stoking your clients’ fire you’ve forgotten what’s fueling yours.
  • You have an urge to bin everything in your business that no longer fits you.
  • You feel called to serve a new client group, or in a different way.
  • You sense that you are on the precipice of a big shift within yourself or your business.
  • You have a longing to return to your source energy.
  • You are fed up of feeling overwhelmed and alone in your work.
  • You know you could burn a helluva lot hotter and brighter.

Your retreat leaders are Sas Petherick, Jac McNeil and Trish Ring

The common thread of our work is helping women find their personal power and design a life that fuels them. We have all created sustainable and successful coaching practices, and we know first hand what its like to be building a world-changing empire from your spare bedroom!

Sas Petherick is a big-hearted and bullshit-free Cognitive Coach who has helped hundreds of women to change how they think and feel about their lives. With a Masters degree in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes, and as a Certified Dr. Martha Beck Coach, Sas’ smarts, humour and intuition guide each transformational coaching session and sold-out retreat. www.saspetherick.com

“Working with Sas has been the best investment I have made in myself in a very long time. With Sas’ help, incredibly practical advice, tools and encouragement, I was able to take an honest, in-depth look at my thoughts, feelings and actions and literally turn my daily life around. I have found resilience, which is long-lasting – it’s a part of me now and not just a practice. I feel I’m on the path I am meant to be on.” – Milena, UK

Jac McNeil offers a highly specialized and seamless blend of coaching and thought-partnership for women leaders & entrepreneurs. For over a decade, she’s worked with women leaders, business mavens and solopreneurs, helping them show up in their work with more authenticity, confidence, intention and power. With a potent collection of tools, techniques and talent, her work has helped hundreds of women build thriving, integrity-based businesses. She’s also the Founder & Owner of BOSS of ME TEES an online apparel company for women. www.jacmcneil.com & www.bossofmetees.com

“Jac’s work is of incredible quality, her vibe is delicious to be around, and her integrity is through the roof. She coaches women entrepreneurs to help them create thriving businesses, and honestly, I have never seen anyone do this work with the maturity, soulfulness, and thoughtfulness that Jac brings” – Tara Mohr, Expert on Women’s Leadership

Dr. Trish Ring traded in her therapy practice for an executive coaching practice – with horses! She’s from Memphis, and she’s a 5th generation Texan and owner of Blue Star Ranch in North Carolina. She knows first-hand the cultural constraints on women’s power in the work place, in social settings, and at home. She’s a former professor at Rhodes College where she taught Psychology of Women, and she’s been a solo entrepreneur in private practice for over 25 years. www.trishring.com

“After practicing law for 35 years, I thought I knew all about decision making and relationships, but Trish was able to help me see things differently. Her coaching was thought provoking supportive, and revelatory. Any time spent with Trish is time well spent!” – Jan Krause, Attorney

Listen in…

The three of us got together across three timezones (and three very different accents) to chat about the retreat! Listen to our conversation as we talk about the programme and why horse-work is so powerful for claiming your coaching leadership. The conversation is about 25 minutes long so grab a cup of tea 🙂 Click here to listen.

You’ll be leaving Blue Star Ranch with…


Deep knowledge of your own unique power as a coach.

Self-compassion for the reasons you get in your own way, and how to move through your resistance.

Released from whatever was holding you back (that sucker is getting burned up!)

Pragmatic tools and a clear-eyed plan for your next steps.

Clarity and purpose over what you stand for and who you serve.

A visceral understanding of your own powerful energy (a gift from the horses).


The Dates
Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd September 2016

The Venue
Blue Star Ranch, Cashiers, North Carolina

The Retreat
Four days of deeply soulful, pragmatic and experiential workshops, private and group equine coaching, time for contemplation, integration and transformation.

The Price
$USD2250 includes the retreat, breakfast, lunch & snacks each day, a catered mountaintop supper on day three, all workshop materials and equine coaching experiences. Please note: accommodation and travel is not included.


Intimate moments means limited spots – this is just for 15 coaches!

Secure your spot with a non-refundable deposit of $US525.


You can choose to pay in full or make three payments of $US575.
Please note: all retreat fees much be received by August 19th 2016.


What happens after I pay my deposit - can I pay in installments?

Yes, absolutely! After you secure your spot, we will be in touch to arrange for the remaining fees. It is possible to pay in two or three installments. All retreat fees must be paid in full by 1st of August 2015.

What happens if I can’t come or change my mind?

Please note your spot in the retreat is transferable but not refundable. This means that you can gift or sell your spot to someone else.

The retreat doesn't include accommodation, so where shall I stay?

Participants will spend the day at Blue Star Ranch and retreat to lodging off property each evening. There are several wonderful hotels and resorts in the nearby Highlands or Cashiers area; most are less than 10 minutes away from the Ranch. Click here for more information on lodging.We recommend using TripAdvisor to find a great hotel in the Highlands and Cashiers area.

What airport do I arrive at?

The closest airports to Blue Star Ranch are Asheville Regional Airport, Atlanta International Airport, and Greenville Spartanburg International Airport. Click here to learn more.

How do I get from the airport to the town I'll be staying in?

Once everyone has registered for the retreat we will help you connect with each other to explore carpooling. It’s about a 90min-2hr drive from Asheville Airport to either downtown Cashiers or downtown Highlands. The Ranch sits directly in between these two towns (about a 10min drive from either town). If a group of you rent a car together it could turn into a really fun road trip through the Mountains!

How will I get to the ranch each day?

You will have rented a car (or carpooled) to get from the airport to where you will be lodging in either downtown Highlands or downtown Cashiers. You can group together to get to the Ranch each day –it’s only a 10min drive from either town. There is plenty of parking at the Ranch.

I've never been around horses before and I'm a bit nervous - what do I need to know?

No horse experience is required at all. We’ll fully brief you about how to be around horses. There is no riding involved in equus coaching – you will be supported and guided by the wise and wonderful Trish and the Blue Star team.

Is this retreat for new or experienced coaches?

Everyone is welcome! We’ve designed this retreat for coaches at ALL stages of business growth. We will be focusing on who you are and how you’re showing up rather than how many clients you currently have. No matter what season of business you’re in, we want to support you in rekindling your inner fire.

I'm pretty introverted, is this experience for me?

Absolutely! We respect that everyone has a different rhythm for interacting and processing so we’ve included several opportunities to be by yourself and to process your experience.

I have a food allergy. Will you accommodate these requests?

We will do our best to accommodate your food allergies. After you’ve registered, we’ll be in contact to find out if you have any special requirements. You will also have the option to bring your own snacks and access to a small refrigerator and microwave.

“From the very first time I spoke with Jac, I felt like she GOT me. She possesses a keen gift to clearly see and to meticulously listen with her whole heart.” – Jen Berlingo, Licensed Counsellor & Art Therapist

“Without any doubt, coaching with Sas is the best investment I have ever made in myself. There was tears and laughter, resistance and swearing, all the time knowing that Sas is a total master at sensing where the tightest knots really are and then gently but firmly encouraging you to unpick them. It’s been like adding the final pieces to a puzzle that I’ve been grappling with for years.” – Dr Rae Ritchie, London

“Trish gets to the point fast, and stays with you while you catch up. Her insights are spot-on and she taught me so many useful strategies that I kind of started stealth coaching my kids! I was in a ‘mom prison’ with all my beliefs about what I could and couldn’t do as a parent. Now I actually enjoy my family again. Get coached. You deserve it.”– Jennifer